5 Books Every Software Architect Should Read

Software Architecture Books

This article starts with selecting 5 books every software architect should read as part of their career journey. These books provide broader coverage of software architecture including architecture patterns, methodologies, design patterns, practices & tactics, documentation practices, and much more.  Other Recommended Books Book Title Purpose & Usage Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture– Martin Fowler A classic collection of prevalent enterprise patterns including domain logic patterns, data source architectural patterns,…

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Key Takeaways from SpringOne 2021 Developer Conference


SpringOne is a conference organized by VMWare (earlier Pivotal) is the premier conference for developers and architects building cloud-native software. They have recently concluded SpringOne 2021 on September 1-2, 2021 covering broader areas such as beginner and advanced Spring framework, Architecture Patterns and Cloud-native Platforms. This article summarizes key takeaways from SpringOne 2021 developer conference. #1 – Developer productivity & application platform is pivotal Highlighted key focus areas to enable developer’s…

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5 Factors A New-Age Software Developer Should Strive For

Software Developer

As the software industry is evolving rapidly so as the environment, technologies, and expectations from a new age software developer. Particularly in a current situation like COVID, companies retain top valued software developers. Even if you have great coding skills, your company might not consider you valuable. Nowadays companies are looking for new-age smart developers – Being Aware, Being Social & Being Smart is the new demand of the hour.…

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