Spring Framework Ecosystem for Serverless, Microservices, Event-driven, Reactive Systems


Spring Framework, released almost two decades ago, has progressively established itself as a de facto standard for building Enterprise Java applications. With emerging trends of building applications by applying Microservices Architecture, Serverless with Cloud computing model, non-blocking architecture with Reactive architecture, Spring framework has been evolutionary in providing the support for modern architecture practices. With Spring Framework as a foundational capability, the below visualization represents the ecosystem of Spring community-provided…

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Are you an API Architect? Apply these standards for defining Event-driven and RESTful APIs

API Standards

With the rise of Cloud, Microservices, and Cloud-native technologies, API development is one of the key focus areas for organizations – both from an internal and external integration perspective. OpenAPI – Standard for RESTful APIs OpenAPI specification (originally based on Swagger 2.0) has become the de facto industry standard for HTTP APIs providing the programming-language agnostic interface. Key highlights are: OpenAPI can not only describe APIs based on the HTTP…

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