To become a successful software architect, you need more than just technical skills. Today’s technology advancements equip you with powerful tools to elevate the business model for your clients in consideration of new social norms.

A software architect is playing the larger role in digital or technology transformation and to be a successful software architect, you need to diversify your skill-set in all three areas – people, process, and platform (technology).

The below matrix outlines key success factors for an architect – purposely kept short to be read in less than 1 minute:

Intense enthusiasm towards putting architecture & solutions solve complex business problems

Reason for something to be done
Clear business value driven design & subsequently develop
Strong effect be the differentiator
Be the disruptor you are seeking in others for positive impact

Be consistent and motivated in challenging times
Keep your motivation and grit to make it happen
Exact and accuracy of the details; Creating simplified and easy to adapt
Safeguarding Infrastructure, data and organization’s assets

Perfectly Imperfect
Not everything is perfect in initial stage – start with imperfect and work towards making incremental improvements

Sensible and realistic in the approach
Don’t get married to process – be practical and be nimble & agile
Use guidelines and best practices but personalize or customize as required in current situation

3 Ps to be successful architect
3 Ps to be successful architect

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