A path to grow as a Software Architect incrementally

RoleCareer StageResponsibilities & Skill-set
Developer0 – 5 years
(or forever, it is your choice)
Coding, Rule Compliance, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Refactoring, Design Patterns Implementation, Performance Optimizations, Security Fixes
Technical Lead5 – 8 years (growing as a module designer)Development Skill-set Plus Design Patterns, Anti-patterns, Refactoring, Reviews, Performance & Security Testing/Fixes, Design/Architecture Components
Technical Architect8-12 years (to start developing broader perspective)Technical Lead Skill-set Plus Architectural Patterns, Design/Architecture Creation, Specific Technology Artifacts such as data, security, information, UML, Broader Technology Knowledge (Build & Release, DevOps, Deployment Topologies, Cloud Technologies)
Solution Architect12+ years
(to start growing beyond single application)
Solution Mapping to Specific Technology, Impact Analysis, ROI of Technology Decisions, Broader Solution Knowledge (COTS vs. OpenSource, Solution Comparison & Recommendation)
Enterprise Architect15+ years
(to start growing beyond many applications)
All the above plus Enterprise framework knowledge (e.g. TOGAF), Architectural Patterns, Architecture Evaluation Skills, Roadmap Planning, Technology Vision, Future State Architecture, Gap Analysis, Stakeholder Management (Business & Key Technical)