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#1 – Google’s Accelerate State of DevOps Report

Google’s research division has partnered with DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) research program to carry out data-driven insights for effective DevOps and organizational performance. As part of this program, they have been publishing State of DevOps Report (2014-2019) for the last six years. DORA became part of Google Cloud in 2018 (click here for announcement details).

As an architect, it is one of the most insightful reports to understand how mature organizations are performing, how to deliver software quickly and reliably, best practices and strategies for DevOps, and most importantly how to improve the productivity of the team.

Here are the key links related to report:

Here is the snippet of the productivity research model referenced in the report to improve the engineer’s productivity by investing in the right set of tools and information search:

#2 – ThoughtWorks Techology Radar

ThoughtWorks has been publishing technology radar every six months for the last ten years, and it is a widely recognized reference guide by architects. The radar outlines the changes that they think are interesting in software development, the technologies and techniques in motion that is their recommendation to pay attention to and consider using in current and future projects. It primarily has four areas to segment its findings as below:

Figure – Technology Radar Focus Areas

In addition, there is a recommendation to either adopt, trial, assess and hold for technology and techniques based on their research and opinion. Click here to access ThoughtWorks technology radar.

Tip: You can also build your own radar by uploading a Google Sheet and using ThoughtWorks online visualization tool.

#3 – State of Agile Report

State of Agile Report is being published by for almost a decade. It does annual survey with agile practitioners and provides insights into the application of agile methodology at an enterprise level. If you are using Scrum or SaFe, it is a must read to understand agile practices and its applicability.

Here are key links related to this report:

#4 – Gartner Hype Cycle Reports

While it is not a single report, Gartner publishes Hype Cycle reports for different technology domains (e.g. AI, Emerging Technologies) for almost a decade. Their Hype Cycle methodology provides guidance in the form of five phases of technology life-cycle to realize business value from technology. Click here to read more about Hype Cycle methodology.

gartner hype cycle

As there are multiple reports as per technology domain, here are few example reports based on your interest or applicability:

#5 – Forrester Tech Tide Reports

Forrester publishes series of technology reports focusing on different technology domain areas. Their methodology classify technology into four categories based on maturity and business value – Experiment, Invest, Maintain, and Divest. Click here to read more about Forrester Tech Tide methodology.

As there are multiple reports as per technology domain, here are few example reports based on your interest or applicability (this reports are not available for free):

Other Interesting Reports

While the list keeps on growing, here are few emerging reports, which are worth reading for:

To conclude, these technology reports have been valuable, and should be on top of the reading list for software architects, engineers and engineering managers. It helps to assess your own organization’s current state and provides impetus to plan & align technology vision and objectives for your organization. Best of luck!

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